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Product Information

Vacuum dryers
Serial Type Heat Treat Furnace
Catalystic Oxidation Ethylene Oxide Destruction Device
Material Test Equipment
Full support for custom-made orders

Since establishment, we have gained experience in various technologies including thermal control technology,
wind control technology, air pollution preventative technology, machinery designing technology, engineering skills.
Consolidating these technologies, we will present proposals for the most suitable system from a single
unit to a plant component to meet our customers requirements.

Plant Engineering Technology

Designing and Manufacturing Flow

A query from a customer

Please feel free to contact us by calling or using Inquiry Form/Quotation Request Form.

Proposal of specifications and quotations

We will present specifications and quotations after confirming the customer's detailed requirements.

Order placement

Customer will place an order if it accepts our proposed specifications and quotations.

Submission of specifications and quotations

We will submit our final specifications and quotations which reflected the customer's requests
in our initial proposal and wait to receive approval from the customer.

Equipment production and performance/quality test

After production is completed, a performance and quality test is conducted.


We will deliver and install our products and execute a test run at the customer's site as requested.