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Privacy Information

SHIMAKAWA SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd. defines Privacy Policy for this website that the Company operates (hereinafter referred to as "the Website")
as below. We understand the importance of the handling of the information that may identify a user ("Personal Information")
and strive to ensure a proper privacy protection.

What is Personal Information ?

It is the information that can identify a user and includes address, name, age, phone number and mail address that we received via the Website.

1. Scope of the acquisition of personal information

When we request for Personal Information to our users, we explicitly demonstrate the purpose of usage and the contact point of the Company.
Some of the pages of the Website may request our customers to submit their Personal Information such as through "Information Request"
"Quotation Request" and "Inquiries".
We only use our customers' Personal Information within the range of our business operations that our customers had agreed on. In addition,
it is properly managed. Unless it meets the condition of "The disclosure of Personal Information" undermentioned, we will not disclose and
provide such information to a third party without the consent from the customer.

2. Utilization of Personal Information

When we obtain Personal Information, we will use such information only within the range of usage purpose notified to the customers in advance.

3. Restriction of the disclosure and utilization of Personal Information to a third party

The Company will not disclose and provide users' Personal Information without their prior consent unless there are legal requirements.
Moreover, when we outsource the handling of Personal Information to a vendor, we will bind the vendor to be account for Personal Information protection
by signing Non-Disclosure Agreement and manage and supervise the vendor to properly handle Personal Information.

4. The disclosure of Personal Information

We will not sell or lease our customers' Personal Information.
However, under the following circumstances, there are cases that we may disclose Personal Information.

* When we have the consent from the customer regarding the disclosure of his/her Personal Information
* When there is an inquiry request from a court or police based on laws and regulations

5. Correction, deletion and abolishment of Personal Information

When the purpose of use was fulfilled, relevant Personal Information will be properly deleted and abolished.

6. Safe management of Personal Information

We will maintain Personal Information obtained from our users in the manner that is the latest and accurate. In addition, to prevent the loss, destruction,
falsification and leakage of Personal Information, we implement information security measures for unauthorized access and virus.

7. Compliance

We will abided by Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations regarding the handling of Personal Information.
In addition, we will act on our internal regulations. Furthermore, we will enlighten and educate our directors and all of our employees on Personal
Information handling. We will also periodically review the management system of Personal Information to maintain and improve the system.

8. Scope of application

The content of this Privacy Policy applies to the handling of Personal Information acquired through the Website.
The Website contains links to external websites. However, we are not responsible for any declaration on privacy and content of websites which
are not operated by us.
As for the handling of personal information of linked pages, please refer to each Privacy Information, etc.

Usage of cookie

The website may set up cookie to our customers' browser.
We use cookie only to improve users' convenience to view the Website and we will not use it to inquire personal information and viewing history of the users.

The use of access log

After receiving an access request from a customer, the Website automatically obtains information including the customer's IP address,
Internet service provider name, access date and time, browser and OS environment information.
There are cases that we conduct access analysis based on the obtained information, however, this is not to identify our customers' Personal Information.
Moreover, we will not use the information any other purpose but for our business operations such as access analysis.

Limitation of liability

Customers should use the Website on their own responsibility. We will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by the use of information
obtained through other websites linked from the Website.
There are cases that Personal Information Protection Policy listed on this page may be changed without any prior notice.
To confirm the most updated content of Personal Information Protection Policy, please conduct a periodical check.

Contact Us

Point of contact regarding the handling of Personal Information by SHIMAKAWA SEISAKUSYO, Co., Ltd.
Information Disclosure and Personal Information Protection Group, Operation Department, SHIMAKAWA SEISAKUSYO, Co., Ltd.
Tsuda Science Hills, 2-9-3, Tsudayamate, Hirakata, Osaka, 573-0128
TEL: +81-72-808-3055
E-mail (Click here to send E-mail.)

January 20, 2011

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