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Vacuum dryers
Serial Type Heat Treat Furnace
Catalystic Oxidation Ethylene Oxide Destruction Device
Material Test Equipment
Utilizing our highly-evaluated capabilities to cater for 
special orders, we will propose the most suitable product for your company by consolidating our technologies.

Since establishment, we have gained experience in various technologies including thermal control technology,
wind control technology, air pollution preventative technology, machinery designing technology, engineering skills.
Consolidating these technologies, we will present proposals for the most suitable system from a single unit to
a plant component to meet our customers requirements.

All in-house design Production technology Production site
With experience we have gained since our establishment, 
we will control hot air and humidity with our original technologies, producing Special Order Dryers, Environment Test Equipment and Heat Treat Furnaces, etc.
・We accommodate various heat sources including electricity, steam, heat-transfer oil, burner and hot water.
・We can meet various conditions such as vacuum, non-oxidation atmosphere (nitrogen purging) and strict cleanliness.
・We accommodate your needs for organic gas (volatile organic compounds, VOC) treatment.
We have numerous records in the area of catalytic combustion type deodorization, concentrated catalyst type deodorization and ammonia deodorization with our special technologies. We are capable of presenting proposals for explosion-proof equipment utilizing our knowledge of organic gas.
・We have ethylene oxide gas (EOG) treatment technology.
・We can cope with various kinds of fluid (gas, liquid and powder).
・We produce large-scale equipment including conveyor lines.
・We create equipment with various built-in devices.
・Our expertise includes automation and mechanical and electrical integration with existing equipment.
We are able to produce large-scale equipment for a factory of a total length of 40 meters and a height of 11 meters. We also have a full-range sheet metal working capability.
・Using various die steel (angle, channel and H-shape), we produce stages, frames and large-scale facility.
・Our product includes large-scale equipment including conveyor lines.
・We are fully equipped with devices to cut, bend and weld sheet steel for in-house processing including a laser cutter,
a shearing machine and a bender,